Premium Anti-Aging Rose Quartz Face Roller


Get glowing skin! Our premium Anti-Aging Rose Quartz Face Roller is the ideal addition to your skincare routine to rejuvenate skin! Rose Quartz Rollers were used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians as part of their routine to maintain youth and beauty due to their potent skin benefits.


Eastern medicine leverages Rose Quartz Rollers Made from 100% natural Rose Quartz, these rollers transform your skin to become glowing by: 

  • Boosting skin elasticity and de-puffing skin 
  • Prompting lymphatic drainage and stimulating cell turnover
  • Improving skin vibrancy, tone and texture
  • Reducing skin inflammation  
  • Massaging and Contouring the face whilst reducing facial muscle tension
  • Cooling and soothing the skin


  • Created from semi-precious Rose Quartz
  • Two rotating heads
  • H 15cm x W 5.5cm x D 1.2cm
  • Boxed


  • Roller: Rose Quartz
  • Frame: Metal (Gold Color)


  • Clean frequently with warm water and gentle soap
  • Roller can be placed in the fridge for cooling sensation and enhanced facial de-puffing